tips for picky eaters

Quick Tip: Picky Eaters

August 16, 2010


Ever been faced with this at the dinner table?

Charming, n’est pas?

We have a rule at our table to combat picky eaters while still letting the creatures feel like they have some control. They are allowed to choose one thing to not eat.

One thing.

They have to eat a serving of everything else. Period.

Mostly it works well.

Although some nights Ben sits at the table and proclaims, “The one thing I’m not eating is this, ” while waiving his hand over everything in sight.

Thank you, Ben, for providing Mommy with so many blogable moments.

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If you’d like a video of this quick tip…here you go! Make your kids watch. Tell them you’ll send them to my house for dinner if they don’t shape up 😉