new york city blogher

Right now I am dancing around my office/guest bedroom.

Why? you ask. Why are you, a person with no natural rhythm, dancing?

Well, let me tell you! I am making a total ass of myself because tomorrow AM I will be heading up to NYC, with a bus load of are bloggers (check out the nifty Collective Bias button to the right) for BlogHer 2010.

I am going to BlogHer. WHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


Just ran around the house squealing a little and scaring the daylights out of the kids, and Bilke. Sorry Bilke. I’m sane most of the time, but every now and then a I go a little nutso.

BlogHer is worth going nutso over.

I have packed, sensibly, I think: cute shoes, nice clothes.

(These are the clothes I would like to wear every day because they are comfy, but I don’t because they also happen to look nice and I have four noses and 8 grubby, sticky hands, that like to get reeeeally close to me. I like that too, but it means I stay Old Navy comfy instead of Ann Taylor mom stylish. )

But for this weekend, I’m breaking out the good stuff, baby!

I’ve got my business cards ready. My mini- HP is packed away. An extra bag for the loot – ahem, swag.

A whole weekend of blogging tips, blogging friends, blogger parties – I am excited. I’m sharing a room with my gal pal. She’s a hoot. I’ll probably just link to her recaps of the weekend.

Are you going?

Look for me – I’ll be the one with the perma-grin shellacked to my face 🙂