kids eating habits


August 16, 2010

As I’m sure you know, kids like snacks, and not just big kids either. (Although, these clowns certainly like their mini-meals.) 

Even this little chicken can be a real snack-o-saurus. 

I’d say about every two hours or so, she is ready for a nibble. I say nibble to preserve her lady-like dignity. Baby J eats like the proverbial horse. Maybe like two of them… after running the Derby.

Now when she’s at home, this is no big deal, we have lots of fruits and steamed veggies she can plow – ahem, delicately pick through. But when Bilke has her at the playground or library, or we’re at church, well, Jane is not to proud to kick up a fuss if she feels her stomach is being neglected and fruit and veg don’t always travel so well.

So I was quite happy to try out Happy Baby’s organic baby melts. These baby melts are made from organic yogurt, a good source of protein and low in sugar. They also travel extremely well and best of all, Jane loves them. Her favorite flavor was banana mango and they also come in strawberry and mixed berry.

Baby melts are unlike a lot of the baby snacks out there that are full of sugar and preservatives. I’m trying to keep Jane on the straight and narrow food-wise (I figure grandparents, birthday parties and well-meaning siblings will slip enough frivolous sugars into her diet) and I love that they are healthy snack choice for my on the go baby.

Can I just say that as a mom of 4, I love getting surprised by (and falling in love) with new products? Mostly, I feel like I have this parenting gig down pretty well, so when something new comes along that makes it just that much smoother – well…its just fab!

Happy Baby was kind enough to send me a free sample for Jane to enjoy as well as one for one of you! For a chance to get baby melts for your little guy or gal, leave a comment sharing your baby’s favorite healthy food.

For additional entries, “Like” Happy Family on Facebook and leave a comment letting me know you have.

A winner will be chosen Friday, August 20th!

WINNER: Congrats to Lora, commenter #9:We’re definitely going to try these soon, I’ve heard nothing but good things!