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Happy Fantabulous Friday – Wahoo!

Last weekend was fantastic and I’m ready for a repeat.  We took the boys, Jane in tow,  mini-golfing last Sunday after church. Ben insisted on wearing the superhero mask from my pal,  Sherry (she makes the most amazing capes & masks for kids).

Ben & Harry took the game very seriously and finished out at about 75 and 84 over par, respectively. We ended on a high note when Ben managed to get a hole in one on the 19th hole. Harry was upset because his brother won a free game of mini-golf. When I explained to him that all his games are free because Ed & I pay for everything, he remain unconsoled.


While we were on the green, Gwennie headed downtown with Grandmaman for an Indian festival. I think they both looked fantastic. Gwen kindly shared her bindis with the boys.

I wish I’d gotten a picture of them with their bejeweled foreheads, but I was too busy laughing.

Personally, I am ready to close out this week and while I do have to work tomorrow, there is a girls’ night out in the evening that’s keeping me strong.

Speaking of which, I saw two posts this week about keeping strong that really made my day – week. I’ve decided to adopt this, from Girlymam, as my personal rule of thumb. To help develop a better habit of family devotions, I’m going to try and do this, with the family after every evening meal.

On a lighter note, the Meanest Mom sent her husband to the grocery store with a list of food, and he ended up coming home with a case of shock therapy.

Gabrielle, over at Design Mom, shared this mom’s amazing story of near misses that lead to a deep appreciation for all she has.

And as I continue to love my wordpress blog and recover from the migraine ahem, migration from blogger, Jo-Lynne’s list of must-have Plug-ins (ok, could I have possibly used anymore hyphens – yes ; ) helped spiff up my site and improve the functionality just a bit more.

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