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Once upon a time, there was a baby born to a family. She was the 4th child, and generally quite pleasant. But on the particular day we are talking about….well, she did her best to impersonate Genghis Khan. Fortunately, a knight in the form of Happy Baby, road to rescue us from her clutches her from her bad humor.

Read on for the story of the terrorizing baby, and to find out how you can win over $50 in Happy Baby products!

Jane was a beast yesterday; a cute, chubby, lovable beast. (I felt bad for Bilke. Poor gal.)

It was one of those days when napping didn’t happen.

Bottles were disdainfully thrust away and the only thing that made her happy was constant attention. And throwing toys. A lot of throwing. And yelling. There was a fair amount of yelling, if I recall.

I have days like that too.

Her diva-ness continued into the dinner hour, where she went on a protein binge. I like my babies to eat a balanced diet. It may not happen every meal, but I do have something of a daily goal on her intake (here is a great source for information on baby nutrition from Happy Baby).

Chicken? Thank you very much.
Peaches? You’d have thought I was poisoning her.
Watermelon? Gag.
Swiss chard? No way!
Bread? No.

I needed to get something else into her, wanted her to have something else filling her tummy before hitting the hay.

Fortunately, she did graciously accept my offer of Happy Baby Green Puffs.

Actually, she sort of inhaled them. Luckily, they disintegrate in her mouth in a heart beat. Considering that they are full of vitamins and minerals, organic and made with whole grains, I was able to put my little beast to bed knowing she had a well rounded meal.

What I love about ‘em:
-Easy to eat
-Less sugar than other brands AND a better value price wise
-FULL of nutrients

Something else to note; our third, Ben, had some serious allergies and while Jane hasn’t shown any signs yet, we are trying to be really conscious about introducing certain foods. I love that Happy Baby has this easy allergen chart to refer to for all their products. Having a child with food allergies can be really challenging and a safe source of packaged foods is a true life saver.

I have to add that Ben also enjoyed the puffs (literally taking food from a baby), and we have now moved him to the other side of the table.

Happy Baby was kind enough to provide me with a sample of the Puffs to review as well as one for YOU!

Win it: Win puffs for your (hopefully less beastly) baby, along with vouchers for a few other amazing Happy Baby products. The combined value of these vouchers is over $50! Woot woot!

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Need an idea? Share a food your significant other/mother/mother-in-law has snuck the baby! (My mom gave our oldest ice cream at 4 months).

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