back to school

Two out of four have flown the proverbial coop.

The third lifts off on Monday. I can’t believe I have three kids in school. Sometimes I have trouble believing I have four kids. Somebody pinch me – I’m a grown up. Yikes.

Anyhooo, excitement over school has been over the top. Gwen was thrilled to see her gal pals and looked cuter than cute in her uniform. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE uniforms? The lack of morning arguments, the lack of choices are just lovely when you are a mom to a budding fashionista.

Harry was excited about school until the actual day. At which point he was too-tired-too-sick-too-little-too-big-too-whatever to go. Then he remembered his uniform and was ok with going. As a kindergartener he gets to wear a uniform, unlike last year when he was “just a tiny little pre-ker.” He said this in front of Ben. Have I mentioned that Ben is in pre-k this year? *sigh*

So here are the two not “tiny little pre-kers” looking fab in their uniforms.

Ben, who did not want to be leftout…

Excitement was very high as we prepared to walk – I made a deal with the biggies that they could ride the bus home if they walked, without whining, in the morning.

It is maybe a 5 minute walk – 10 if you are walking 3 kids, a baby in a stroller and a stubborn Jack Russell. I consider it a nice way to start my morning run with the baby & dog. They consider it cruel and unusual punishment.

I’m comfortable with that.

Because, as Ben likes to say, with his funny lack of “r” and “l” voice, “Mama, you arh soooo mean!” 

Harry has had half days this week, and has not been able to take the bus in the afternoon with Gwen. He is considering suing me for a breach of the bus riding contract. I told him I have an in with the supreme parenting court (me and Ed) and that he’ll never win.

Gwen likes the bus, though why it takes her 1/2 hour longer to get home when the school is literally 1/3 a mile away and she is the first stop, I will never know.

The long and short of it all – school is a success as of 3 days in. Here’s to the rest of the year!

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