affordable childcare

So this spring I was contacted by a reporter who had questions about the costs of childcare, my day job makes me fairly knowledgeable about this, and we had a great chat.

Well, low and behold, the article went out today and I’m in there! She did manage to mangle a little of the info – for instance, hosting an au pair is $340/week no matter how many kids you have, not just for two kids, but I’m pretty excited about the article and about the information being out there.

Picking a form of childcare is a HUGE decision, no matter if you are a working mom/dad, stay at home parent looking for a little relief, whatever. While cost should not be the deciding factor, often it is one of least flexible. Fair enough! We love hosting (have you seen how much we love our au pairs?) and feel like we have the absolute best quality of care and at an incredibly affordable price.

Check out the article – it covers the costs of various forms of childcare, the recent  NACCRRA( National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies) report and tips for how families can cover the costs of childcare.