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I have five or six roller blinds that we replaced a few years ago and I refuse to give them up. Ever. Ever. Ever.

When my kids want to paint or, in this case, use a hot glue gun, I can just roll that bad boy out on my dinning room table and away we go! I didn’t even take up the table cloth.

I used another one outside as I spray painted letters for Maisie and Jane – Moss Green for Maisie and Ballet Pink for Jane. Knowing my husband ever so well, I opted to cover the flagstone with a roller blind before squirting madly with my spray paint. I know he appreciates my thoughtfulness in not permanently emblazoning our front walk with the little girls’ names. In ballet pink. Hehe.


Once the glue and paint dried, I rolled those blinds right up and stored them away for our next burst of creativity.

The moral of the story is, don’t throw out your ratty old roller kinds or your tablecloth will end up hot glued to the table and your walkway with be graced by pink and green letters.


How not to clean up after your kids – My gift to you.

June 11, 2012

I’ve given up that game. I’ve also decided that yelling, nagging, etc. are gonzo. It makes me cranky and I’m not¬†particularly¬†nice when I’m cranky. Are you wondering if my house is a total sty? It’s a fair enough assumption. 5 kids. No yelling, nagging mom. You’d be wrong. My house is spick and span do […]

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I’ve been drinking a lot…..

February 29, 2012

HA! Not that. The good stuff. Chocolatey and delicious and ooooohhhh, such a nice way to start the day. Don’t you just love how Youtube freezes the video so that my mouth is just hanging open? So classy. Enjoy – and let me know if you want to get your Choffy on!!

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