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May 11, 2016

The unending rain (did you every see this short movie? it’s based on a Ray Bradbury story and what our weather has been like…) broke for a glorious day; we went to the zoo.


It was gorgeous; sun, cool breeze, low crowds, happy kids. A parenting epiphany also occurred.

I told the kids there job was to watch where I was going, or to ask where we were headed. If they did not pay attention and got lost, to find a Zoo employee and ask for help, but that I was not going to yell for or at them. At all. Maisie got lost for about 30 seconds. But other than that, making them responsible for orbiting me vs. me trailing them like a comet tail, considerably lowered my stress level and made the day much more enjoyable for all.

Mostly because I’m “no fun” when I yell. Imagine.

IMG_1414Henry generously offered to take the girls on the swan boats. When he is good, he is so very very good. Like a gentleman, he helped them in and out of their life jackets, held their hands as they got in and out of the swan and peddled like mad to keep the bird moving. He’s a good egg.

Ben insisted on taking Peter on the little train. They were all crammed into one tiny car. It was adorable.


Days of rain certainly made us all happy to be outside. By parental fiat, I refused them admittance to any indoor attraction. It had to be outside or nada. So we walked and walked and read about animals and geeked out about geeky homeschool facts they ¬†knew – like giraffes have 7 vertebrae in their necks…just like people, but waaay larger.

Good times.

I documented the day on my phone (reminder – this is NOT a photo blog.)


IMG_1401 IMG_1402







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