20 years and a brew pub

May 4, 2016


A select few from Friday night…stolen from the Solebury School Facebook page. Shhhhh…..

I sort of graduated from two high schools…but not really. From k-10 I was in the same school district, but had the opportunity to go to boarding school for 11th and 12th grade. My boarding school was rather amazing and the education was intense and interesting and probably the first time I enjoyed school vs just enjoyed learning – if that makes sense?

Well…graduation was 20 years ago this month. My boarding school does reunions much like universities – it is a series of events over a weekend; fundraisers, meet & greets with administrations, class reunions.

A group of us met Friday for the cocktail reception and carried our class group over to a local brew pub. The class of ’96 was a pretty diverse crew. Interests, career paths, marriage have taken people to the other side of the country, other countries and it was just so interesting to see them and hear the latest.

The way I see it, your graduating class, especially when its small – like less than 50 people,  becomes somewhat of an extended family. Cousins, if you will, whom you may love or hate but who shared an extended experience. So we meet occasionally, remember the highlights reel of high school and carry on.

The best part about 20 years is there is really no angst, just reminiscing. And the laughter! To be surrounded by people who saw each other at their awkwardest; people who are now… well, responsible grown up, it becomes easy and joyful to laugh at the past and catch up on the now.

We’ve aged.

Some of us have matured.

But 20 years is kind of magical – we all seemed to have found our groove.

Here’s to you, Solebury School Class of 1996.



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