Frequent “Flyer” at the Pediatrician’s Office

October 13, 2015

We love our pediatrician. A good thing, considering how often we visit. Between well visits for the big 5 and Peter, being a baby and in every few months I wish I got a free coffee (or mojito) every (single) ten visits. My kids are really comfortable there, and as we are practically on first name basis with the entire office staff, I often leave half my crew in the waiting room when I go to the exam room.

Peter’s six month visit was no different. Jane and Maisie decided they wanted to come back with me. Maisie because she was having must-be-touching-Peter-at-all-times day, and Jane because she wanted to see Peter get shots. I may have mentioned he doesn’t cry much about them and she wanted proof. Jane is not a fan of shots.

We get in the exam room. Strip down a baby. Weigh a baby (19.8lbs). Nurse a baby. Make a baby smile. Jane documents the whole 10 -15 minutes with 5,000 pictures. Here are the best ones.

Then we chat with Dr.D about how awesome Peter is and is doing. Here’s a photo Jane took of him.


Then Dr. D offers to give all my crew their flu shots/mist then and there to save me another trip to the office. Since they don’t offer me coffee (or wine) (or hard liquor) for coming in more often, I gladly accept his offer and dart out with Peter to grab Gwen, Harry and Ben from the waiting room.

They are highly suspicious and rightly so.  I get them into the very small exam room and share the wonderful news, “You are getting your flu shots today.”


The deafening roar of 4 children (Gwen knows better) screaming in a small space is something (no one should have) to hear. Wait – 5 kids screaming. They scared Pete.

I’m such a bad mom.
I started laughing…a lot.

The nurse, in a panic (she was in for the burst of protest), offered flu mist, which we’ve done before, but opted not to do this year as a friend’s daughter had a double lung transplant and can’t be around people after the flu mist because it’s a live virus and they would be shedding it for up to two weeks. I explained why we were doing the shot. They acknowledged it was the right and reasonable thing to do….and started yelling. Again.

Any who – the kids are very loudly protesting, I’m laughing, and waving at the nurse to just get the shots.

She leaves and the kids calm down, but then start up again the second she returns with fists full of needles. To be fair, she did look kind of scary carrying ten shots and a hand full of band aids.

The kids continued to yell as Gwen received her shot. Thank God for the second nurse who came in to see what kind of medieval torture was going on and ended up holding Peter, because I had to hold (sometimes practically pin down) the rest of the crew.

And I was still laughing. It was so over the top.

The best part? Harry and Jane had their well child visits today (told you we are there a lot) and we had the same nurse. She totally remembered us. Shocker.

ps. Jane didn’t have any shots at her well visit. Harry. Had. Two.

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