A long time ago and a child or two fewer, I presented this mystery….

Well, my little crime committers were at it again. So I give you the latest “Who done it” for your reading enjoyment.

The case started when a very vocal, very angry Ben stormed into my room, waving his crimson tipped fingers.

Mom! Someone painted my fingernails while I was sleeping!

Being a parent in the digital age, did I:
A. Get the nailpolish remover and de-polish Ben
B. Start looking for the guilty party
C. Grab my phone and start snapping pictures

If you chose A or B we don’t know each other very well.


So, with iPhone in hand, I started to investigate. Here is a play by play, as posted on Facebook. The photos are terrible because I was laughing for most of this…please excuse!

Last night a crime occurred. Ben woke up with red nail polish on. He insists someone must have snuck into his room and attacked him as he slept on, blissfully unaware. I am gathering the evidence. #followtheclues

My first thought was to look for signs of nail polish splatter, as the short set is not known for their neatness. Shocker.

It was quite a disaster….strangely none in the victim’s bed-where he insists the crime occurred. ‪#‎followtheclues‬

I took photographic evidence of hands. Surely the messy perpetrated would have some nail polish on his or her hands. For the sake of fairness, we’ve included Peter in the list of suspects. ‪#‎followtheclues‬

Let’s layout the clues:
1. Boy wakes with painted nails. 11951412_10153135113623553_8234052901145788436_n

2. There is a pool of polish in the bathroom – ruling out anyone who actually cares about nail polish (Gwen, Jane, Maisie). ‪#‎followtheclues‬11892277_10153134607938553_1018622086281779943_n

3. There is no evidence of polish being applied to the victim while he was in bed-his supposition. No drips or use of acetone aka. Nail polish remover. Indicating the perpetrator is incredibly detail oriented and neat (ruled out Harry) except that the polish job was terrible. #‎followtheclues‬

4. Not one of the suspects has any polish on their hands AND we have no polisher remover in the house.#‎followtheclues‬


Peter (& Ed’s) hands.


Gwen’s hands.


Harry’s hands.

Maisie's hands.

Maisie’s hands.

Ben's hands...hmmm...aweful lot of polish on them.

Ben’s hands…hmmm…aweful lot of polish on them.

5. Ben made and extended visit to the bathroom last night and left nothing to show for it…because he does not know how to flush….so i know these (horrible, horrible) things.#‎followtheclues‬

6. The “victim’s” left hand nails have considerably more polish slopped onto them – indicating the perpatrator was probably right handed.#‎followtheclues‬



After conferring with my dear, Watson……


Conclusion: It was Ben.
Restitution: He will be cleaning the bathroom tomorrow and I may “forget” where the new bottle of nail polish remover is and let him try to scrub the polish off the toilet…till I get board of listening to him moan and groan.

Ben cleaned the spilt nail polish up and still vehemently declares his innocence.

Case closed.

And so goes another day in the Rix home.


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