May 1, 2016

My photos are blurry. I am normally laughing, yelling and/or hitting the photo button with the tip of my nose (you’ve done it, admit it) while balancing a kid or a cup of coffee. A blog for pretty photos, this is not.

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time…she flies

May 3, 2016

With Peter, it wasn’t sleeping through the night, or weaning, or hilarious attempts at words…with Peter time has flown as I watch his siblings gather around him. They are so loving in their interactions. Not once (not even once) has there been jealousy or frustration in the need to accommodate this little person. Thirteen months […]

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Frequent “Flyer” at the Pediatrician’s Office

October 13, 2015

We love our pediatrician. A good thing, considering how often we visit. Between well visits for the big 5 and Peter, being a baby and in every few months I wish I got a free coffee (or mojito) every (single) ten visits. My kids are really comfortable there, and as we are practically on first […]

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