Begin Again

August 30, 2015


I’d like to be here more often. I miss having complete thoughts – something writing allows and immortalizes. But lately consistency has been saved for my family. Still, I miss this space.  Reading through old posts is really strolling through our past and I love that.

So here’s a promise to try to carve out some time.

Meanwhile, here is our family as we are right now. Thank you Target (and an awesome Groupon) for freezing time.normalfamilyportraitfall2015

The kids are growing and so is our family. Peter James joined us in March, the Tuesday before Easter to be exact. Having a baby during Holy Week made Easter especially joyful and crazy.

Peter is a delight and loved by all. Babies are such a gift. I love watching Gwen, Harry, Ben, Jane and Maisie with each other and Peter.

Reccently, we were chatting in the van (so many neat conversations occur while we are driving around – is it like that in your family?) about what family life would be like 20 years from now. Who would be married(everyone but Jane – she’s decided she will live with me and Ed forever and take care of us and “buy cakes for you and Dad”)? Who would have kids(everyone but Jane, who wants dogs)? How much fun holidays will be, when we gather together and reminisce about the “old days.”

I love that we plan on being together in the future – and that they plan on how they help one another.

Jane: “Gwen, when you have a baby, Maisie and I are going to come help.”

Ben:”Me too! I love babies.”

Harry:”Peter’s going to be the cool young uncle. How neat will that be to be an uncle when he’s still a kid?”

Note that Gwen brought up if she has her first at 25, like I did, Peter would be 13.

They love each other so much and these moments make my heart swell and I most definitely get all teary.

Just to keep it real….here is a slightly more accurate picture….funnyfamilyportraitfall2015




A Christian Mother’s Sacrifice – Lattes, Pedis & Prayer

June 15, 2015

Last fall, I was approached by a friend of Ed’s to write a piece on sacrifice.  A lot of thought went into the nature of true sacrifice and here is what I came up with – original published version can be found on page 23 of the Anglican Digest here. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Sacrifice sounds so old […]

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NoSnowMageddon Deep Thoughts (Since the Snow Isn’t)

January 27, 2015

Here in the Northeast we’ve been expecting a pile of snow. Well, we did get a few inches and I’d promised the kids the day off if the Public School closed, so it’s pretty quiet here today…. So as I sit here, drinking my coffee, watching my children enjoying the (lack) of white stuff produced […]

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Musically inclined…sorta….

January 12, 2015

  A month into lessons…she loves to “play” the piano, tin whistle, violin…. anythings she can get her paws on. So Mouse and Jane started lessons this fall. She likes to play fast and loud, but will hold the bow correctly. I can tell she is going to be hard on those horsehairs, though. One […]

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Lately (and not so lately)

January 10, 2015

Big things have been happening round these parts. I’ve wanted to share, but every time I thought about coming here and writing an update the loooong silence loomed…geez, would I have to fill in the many many blank spaces? The months of no writing? Meh. Sorry. Life got busy. You know how it is. So […]

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