Advent 2018

November 15, 2018


I’ve posted about our DIY advent calendar in the past. We still use the bags, occasionally do random Christmas facts, but focus more on our Jesse Tree. A Jesse Tree is a planned and thoughtful, Advent long devotion that presents the family tree of Jesus. The readings shows us the path of God’s salvation through the Old and New Testament and the prophesies and birth of the promised Messiah. There are reading for each day of Advent and an accompanying ornament with a visual representing that lesson. We put those on our Jesse Tree.217897_10151177038123553_763473_n

The actual tree varies each year. I’ve hung interesting branches sideways and strung ornaments on that…put charlie brown esq branches upright and put them on there. We’ve never done an actual Christmas tree for our Jesse Tree as we like to differentiate the seasons…even visually.
10382743_10152543222993553_6528117966693655641_nFor the past several years, we’ve used Ann Voscamp’s book, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift. I love the visuals and our ornaments come from a printable she offered. They are bright and beautiful and beautifully adorn our simple Jesse Tree. Some years, I use our King James for the readings, but I do love her explanation for each reading and how she connects it to the the bigger story of the prophesies and birth of Jesus. Some years there is candy, some not. I don’t get to stuck on that part. We really try to focus on preparing our hearts and minds for Christmas, for Jesus’ birth and His coming again. The solemnity of the religious season of Advent is often lost in the HYPE and commercialization/Hallmarkization of Christmas. People, I saw Christmas goods for sale before Halloween this year. Next year, I expect to see back to school and Christmas sales at the same time. It’s cray.386477_10151170764758553_1857263404_n

Now, I’m not going to lie, I love me some Christmas carols and seeing all the lights and the smells and the joy…but for us….that is for Christmastide! For the 12 days of Christmas and the joy and beauty, the gift of the Savior. Those 12 days that start on Christmas day.

Back to Advent.

We will be doing our Jesse Tree, our Advent wreath on the table. The kids love that as it involves fire. Ha! We will also try to be mindful of enjoying the beauty of the commercial season but saving OUR joy for Christmastide…easier said than done, for sure.


The Last

April 2, 2017

The Last Has he come already, The last? Loved but not savored, Sweet without the bitter, Because not known. Has he yet to arrive? A hope. Arms long for the weight, Soft downy hair, Small breaths on my face. Another’s vision pilots. He knows. We follow blindly with faith. With hole riddled hearts Filled by […]

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Fear vs a Full Heart

January 16, 2017

Everyone has rough patches in their life. Ed and I have had our fair share. I’ve been fortunate to have a husband who is a hands on kind of parent and partner, and parents near by who can help. I lean on them a lot. But i’ve always been reticent to ask for outside help. […]

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