brothers & sisters

November 10, 2015

brothers and sisters

Starting this holiday season, the Rix kids are offering 2 lbs* smoker wood chips in these gorgeous half peck baskets. Each basket will have two types of wood; hickory & cherry. Don’t have a smoker? Don’t worry-there are instructions included with each basket on how to turn your gas or charcoal grill into a smokin’ machine!

Wood chips will add delicious, smokey flavor to your meals! And they’re not just for carnivores – smoked veggies are fabulous and at our house we love smoking pizzas. Our Hickory & Cherry wood chips are charmingly packaged in 1/2 peck baskets, perfect for (yourself or) the foodie in your life.

Buy a brothers & sisters basket filled with 2 lbs* of wood chips for yourself or your favorite foodie this holiday season! $15

What a deal!

Local delivery available & we can ship nationally.

To order, email

*weight may adjust as chips dry








Frequent “Flyer” at the Pediatrician’s Office

October 13, 2015

We love our pediatrician. A good thing, considering how often we visit. Between well visits for the big 5 and Peter, being a baby and in every few months I wish I got a free coffee (or mojito) every (single) ten visits. My kids are really comfortable there, and as we are practically on first […]

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musically inclined….they imagine

September 14, 2015

“Jane, pretend I…” and “Maisie, pretend I…” are common refrains around here. Sometimes the two of them actu ally play “pretend” and other times they pretend in shorthand…giving the other a play by play of what they’d do…if it wasn’t just faster to say. You saavy? Well, this afternoon was pretend…for real. Jane asked if I wanted […]

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Was he framed? A Rix Family – Who done it!

September 1, 2015

A long time ago and a child or two fewer, I presented this mystery…. Well, my little crime committers were at it again. So I give you the latest “Who done it” for your reading enjoyment. The case started when a very vocal, very angry Ben stormed into my room, waving his crimson tipped fingers. […]

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Begin Again

August 30, 2015

  I’d like to be here more often. I miss having complete thoughts – something writing allows and immortalizes. But lately consistency has been saved for my family. Still, I miss this space.  Reading through old posts is really strolling through our past and I love that. So here’s a promise to try to carve out some […]

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