Here in the Northeast we’ve been expecting a pile of snow. Well, we did get a few inches and I’d promised the kids the day off if the Public School closed, so it’s pretty quiet here today….

So as I sit here, drinking my coffee, watching my children enjoying the (lack) of white stuff produced by ‪#‎nosnowmageddon2015‬ a few random thoughts & questions that I feel compelled to share:

1. Why does my dog’s zipline only get stuck on snowy/rainy days?
2. I’d like to be Grub for Halloween….how much bribery will be necessary to convince my kids to paint themselves yellow and be my minions?
3. I should sweep the first floor. The dust bunnies have been breeding.
4. I’m not going to watch weather reports anymore. I’m going to stick my head out the door and make decisions based on that experience.
5. Coffee has become really really important to me, over the last 8 years.
6. Wine is also very important. Red wine.
7. While it is hard when my husband travels, the upside is breakfast for dinner makes me a hero and not a cop-out.
8. Based on the snow crusted in Harry’s hair and the snot on his face, kids (boys?) have no nerves on their heads.
9. Based on the shenanigans that occurred while everyone was looking for snow boots, my kids should be declared legally blind.
10. A day off, mid week, even though we homeschool and are here all week, is such a nice break.
11. My husband is gone for a week now, goes away for a board meeting in two weeks and will probably want to attend a theological conference for a week in June (the baby will be 2.5 mos by then) so I’ve decided I really need to attend a HomeSchool conference far away and leave him with all the kids for a few days. Purely for my edification. No, really.
12. My kids like to shovel the snow. In wiggly lines that don’t really, actually clear the snow. I think I should help them with their school work as efficiently as they help with the shoveling. For kicks.

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