May 1, 2016

My photos are blurry. I am normally laughing, yelling and/or hitting the photo button with the tip of my nose (you’ve done it, admit it) while balancing a kid or a cup of coffee. A blog for pretty photos, this is not.

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The Last

April 2, 2017

The Last Has he come already, The last? Loved but not savored, Sweet without the bitter, Because not known. Has he yet to arrive? A hope. Arms long for the weight, Soft downy hair, Small breaths on my face. Another’s vision pilots. He knows. We follow blindly with faith. With hole riddled hearts Filled by […]

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Fear vs a Full Heart

January 16, 2017

Everyone has rough patches in their life. Ed and I have had our fair share. I’ve been fortunate to have a husband who is a hands on kind of parent and partner, and parents near by who can help. I lean on them a lot. But i’ve always been reticent to ask for outside help. […]

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The Beauty and the Pain

September 15, 2016

People are so annoying…and I try to be thankful for that. No really. This past summer I was asked to speak at a number of home schooling conferences for Classical Conversations. The theme was easy to get excited about, history,  and it was an opportunity to serve a community that has made our home school journey […]

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