A month into lessons…she loves to “play” the piano, tin whistle, violin…. anythings she can get her paws on. So Mouse and Jane started lessons this fall. She likes to play fast and loud, but will hold the bow correctly. I can tell she is going to be hard on those horsehairs, though. One step closer to my family band, people!

One step closer….


Lately (and not so lately)

January 10, 2015

Big things have been happening round these parts. I’ve wanted to share, but every time I thought about coming here and writing an update the loooong silence loomed…geez, would I have to fill in the many many blank spaces? The months of no writing? Meh. Sorry. Life got busy. You know how it is. So [...]

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He was framed!

February 16, 2014

. A few nights ago, I went to the kids bathroom closet to get a bar of soap. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and found bright red lipstick graffiti all over the interior walls. The culprit was easy to peg – “Ben” was written in six inch high letters across one wall [...]

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While I’ve been gone….

February 12, 2014

this happened….I had to photograph them each separately and then use Mosaic Maker to put them all together. Way easier than trying to get the five of them looking at me and smiling at the same time.                 We made some killer Christmas cookies. Also, I am working [...]

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Making time….when there isn’t any

November 12, 2013

My to-do list stretches from here to the moon an back. Everything from organize sock drawers, sweep the basement, do laundry (it’s never done!!!), review spelling words with kids, touch up paint in the hall…. It goes on, And on, And on. I also have a list of should do’s and want to do’s. I’d [...]

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