“Jane, pretend I…” and “Maisie, pretend I…” are common refrains around here. Sometimes the two of them actu
ally play “pretend” and other times they pretend in shorthand…giving the other a play by play of what they’d do…if it wasn’t just faster to say.

You saavy?

Well, this afternoon was pretend…for real.

Jane asked if I wanted to hear her play the accordian.

We don’t have one so, of course, I said sure.12002900_10153188488413553_1971185810069340649_n

Maisie, not to be outdone, ran up and offered to play her banjo. We don’t have one of those either.


And just like that, I “listened” to the melodious Jane & Maisie band.



Was he framed? A Rix Family – Who done it!

September 1, 2015

A long time ago and a child or two fewer, I presented this mystery…. Well, my little crime committers were at it again. So I give you the latest “Who done it” for your reading enjoyment. The case started when a very vocal, very angry Ben stormed into my room, waving his crimson tipped fingers. […]

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Begin Again

August 30, 2015

  I’d like to be here more often. I miss having complete thoughts – something writing allows and immortalizes. But lately consistency has been saved for my family. Still, I miss this space.  Reading through old posts is really strolling through our past and I love that. So here’s a promise to try to carve out some […]

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A Christian Mother’s Sacrifice – Lattes, Pedis & Prayer

June 15, 2015

Last fall, I was approached by a friend of Ed’s to write a piece on sacrifice.  A lot of thought went into the nature of true sacrifice and here is what I came up with – original published version can be found on page 23 of the Anglican Digest here. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Sacrifice sounds so old […]

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NoSnowMageddon Deep Thoughts (Since the Snow Isn’t)

January 27, 2015

Here in the Northeast we’ve been expecting a pile of snow. Well, we did get a few inches and I’d promised the kids the day off if the Public School closed, so it’s pretty quiet here today…. So as I sit here, drinking my coffee, watching my children enjoying the (lack) of white stuff produced […]

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